Having the Right Ski and Snowboard Gear

By Dr. Carl Wierks

As winter arrives in Michigan, many are excited to hit the slopes. But when getting ready to ski or snowboard, it is important that you take the right steps to keep yourself safe. The number one thing you can do to keep yourself safe is to wear the correct gear. Here is what gear you need to enjoy an injury-free season.

Helmets –Bones heal, but brains do not. A helmet is the most vital piece of gear you can wear and should be one of the first things you put on before you head out.

Eye Protection –Wear sunglasses or goggles to help make sure you can see where you are going. Not being able to see increases the danger to yourself and everyone around you.

Sunscreen and Face Covers –While many people may not think there is a risk of sunburn during the winter months, the sunlight that reflects off the snow can heighten the risk of sunburn. To prevent burns, make sure you put on sunscreen before you go out and wear a face cover while you are on the slopes.

Wear Layers –If you are out all day, it is important to wear layers to prepare for the changing temperatures. Wearing layers will allow you to remove and add clothing as the day gets warmer and colder. Make sure you invest in a waterproof and wind resistant coat and always wear dry, warm socks to avoid the risk of hypothermia. Try to wear bright colors to help others see you from farther distances.

A winter full of downhill skiing or snowboarding can be fun, but only if you know how to keep yourself safe. Be proactive and purchase the proper gear. Before you get on the hill, make sure you have a helmet, eye protection, sunscreen or face covers, and wear layers so that you can enjoy the sport safely.