Arthroscopy is minimally invasive outpatient surgery that can sometimes help improve the mechanical symptoms from arthritis by removing torn cartilage (meniscal tears) or loose bodies (bone or cartilage) within the joint. Arthroscopy is less effective once the arthritis becomes more severe or bone on bone.

Joint Replacement Surgery

Partial or total knee replacement surgery is an effective treatment for arthritis by replacing the damaged worn out parts of the joint. Most knee replacements last 20+ years but can fail sooner if complications occur or depending on the activity level of the patient. If a knee replacement fails, there are many revision procedures that can prolong the life of the implant. Some of these are simple and involve only replacing the plastic insert and others are complex and require replacement of the entire knee.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Watch the full procedure performed by Dr. Roberts. Click here (Warning: Video contains graphic content)